About Yeelen Gallery

Yeelen Gallery is an incubator and art space dedicated to the development, promotion and expression of Contemporary Urban Culture.

Occupying an expansive 13,000+ square-foot converted industrial complex in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood. Yeelen Gallery sustains four exhibition spaces with a focus on figuration, realism, and social practice. By employing various media the Gallery is able to mount exhibitions of a dynamic and ambitious nature that reflect our contemporary society.

Since its inception in 2008, the Gallery’s aim has been to curate a program that is both a reflection of and an international voice for the local and national culture. By fostering relationships with its surrounding neighborhood that express the varied identities of the people within its cosmopolitan city, the Gallery has been able to promote artistic growth from the inside outward, pioneering exhibitions that enlighten the mind and expand our understanding of culture.

Yeelen Gallery represents and defends an international group of pioneering artists whom retain independence and give a voice to the unheard.

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